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Featured on UTATA Front Site on November thirtieth, 2011.


It was a levitation experiment. Form of. Would I be able to shift physical entities only by taking a photo?

It worked …

Every single time the staff unpacks a laptop or desktop Computer they set the empty box up coming to the doorway in the corridor. Only for two minutes. Or 5. Or following the smoking cigarettes break. The latest. The garbage home is two stairs downstairs. You know what that signifies.
Would I be able to shift individuals boxes without having touching them? Or check with a person to do it?

I took a photo of the corridor and the boxes. I didn’t explain to any person about that (ok, I posted it on Instagram and – as it was remarkably a person of my finest photographs in the past months – also on flickr, but that will not depend, does it?). Okay, I showed it a person or two colleagues, but only simply because of the golden gentle, not simply because of the boxes.

30 minutes later the boxes were gone. As I didn’t see how they disappear it could have been a disruption in the house-time continuum …

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