Balance Druid Battle of Azeroth

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One of the most changed specializations in the “Battle for Azeroth” is the “Balance” Druid. In this branch, there have been major changes that may not appeal to all fans of the archetype. In the spell book the first skill that was reworked was “Starsurge”. The effects of “Lunar Empowerment” and “Solar Empowerment” increase damage by 65% instead of 76 from the Solar Wrath and Lunar Strike spells. The buff from the Starfall spell under the name of ” Stellar Empowerment ” increases the periodic damage from the Moonfire skill, as well as Sunfire by 65% instead of 89. The skill “Moonkin Form” has also changed dramatically. After the transformation, the armor is increased by 125% instead of 300. The Bear Form improves armor by 220% instead of 200, and endurance by 25, and not by 50%. In the Cat Form, when you activate the Dash skill, the speed increases by 60% for 10 seconds. In addition, “Legion” was 70% and half longer than the current figure. The “Sunfire” skill deals damage from nature forces within a radius of 8 meters instead of 10. The Mastery: Starlight spell increases damage from star, solar and lunar empowerment by 46%, which is 3 units more than the previous one. To get comfortable with this class in the future addon you need buy powerleveling WoW.

A new skill “Hibernation” imposes a dream on the opponent, which lasts 40 seconds. It is interrupted by any damage, and only dragons and animals can be affected. Also added is the “Soothe” spell, which removes the effects of enrage and pacifies the target. In the talents, there have been some significant changes, but compared to many other classes, “Balance” in this regard is not greatly reworked. In the tier of the 15th level only “Starlord” was changed. Instead of a 20% reduction in the time of Starsurge and Starfall spells Starsurge and Starfall grant you 3% Haste for 20 secs stacking up to 3 times. Up to the 90 level, there are no significant changes in talents. The talent “Nature’s Balance” was moved to tier 15 and was replaced by “New Moon”. A new spell deals damage to the target and turns the same effect into a “Half Moon” and “Full Moon”. Accumulates 10 units of astral energy, maximum 3 charges.

In the tier of level 100, the passive ability of “Shooting Stars” has been reworked, increasing the damage dealt by the Starfall ability by 20% instead of 50, the rest of the mechanics have not changed. The “Fury of Elune” skill has been completely recycled. The player activates the ability on the target, which will be pursued by a ray of heavenly energy. It inflicts damage to all enemies nearby for 8 seconds, 8 times for activation. The recovery time is 45 seconds, the cost of astral power is 80 units.

In addition to “The Battle for Azeroth”, the druids of the “Balance” branch underwent considerable weakening. All major percentage increases to the characteristics have decreased. Especially strong will be felt nerf to armor from the “Moonkin Form” and the periodic damage from the skill “Starfall”. The Talent “Stellar Drift” no longer looks like the only correct option in the tier dash. Reducing the damage from “Starfall” by 30% hit too hard on the power of specialization. The Balance druid have the greatest AoE damage, which this archetype was famous for. Now in the dungeons to clean mobs will be much more difficult. Because of the increase in armor felt great in the arena, a weakening of 175% will strongly affect the selection of ligaments. In one target, damage will also drop significantly. Finding the right set of talent becomes more difficult, and therefore buy boost wow for this class looks quite reasonable. The big amount of “Balance” Druids’ will fall on the main servers, if nothing changes with the official release of the add-on. This evaluation opinion was created according to preliminary information from the beta test. In the following articles, we will review information about other specializations of this class.

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